Any good moves/videos for transitioning from vertical to horizontal with hoops?

from s0meday-is-t0day

jump throughs are my favorite way to transition from horizontal to vertical! theres so many different ways to do it, but i deff suggest exploring with jump throughs :)

When did you start using fire hoops?

from Anonymous

about 2 1/2 years ago :)

How much do you cost for performances??

from Anonymous

thats a hard question.. depends on many things like how long the performance is, and what they are wanting me to do! 

I want to start lyra and aerial silks but don't know how and when to start! There isn't as many tutorials on youtube like there are for hooping, also there aren't any studios or classes near my school :(

from Anonymous

I 100% recommend taking classes before starting any type of aerial art. even if the classes are far away from you, as long as you can get a few months of aerial training, you can start training on your own!

Hey I'm trying to get a better toned body and I was wondering what you do for work out?

from Anonymous

The only work out i do is training on the lyra and silks! its a great workout ;-)

Heya fire goddess :) I wanted to get a fire hoop sometime soon but I'm having a hard time deciding on which one. What's your opinion on quick wicks vs a regular fire hoop?

from celestial-nymphs

quick wicks are horrible!!! the quick wicks have metal that cuts my arms all the time, and they come loose after every spin.. go with a regular fire hoop! <3

You are beyond pretty and so talented! c:

from free-sunlight

thank you lovely! <3 <3

any tips for double/mini hooping? also when did you start double hooping?

from Anonymous

Start with playing wit poi! its very similar to mini hoops and helped me a lot. I started double hoops a few months after nomad hooping.. about 3 years ago!

When you make hoop vids on YouTube, do you usually make a routine or just dance as you go?

from Anonymous

I don’t  make routines for videos at my house! only for performances :)

if i could just leave my body for the night..

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