hi lovely, just wondering what size and width the hoop you're using in your desert dwellers hooping video is and if you made it or bought it? I want to get in to hooping this summer and you are definitely a great motivator, you're so talented. thanks a bunch!

from lookingforthelostboys

hiii! That hoop was a 30” OD poly pro hoop from Hippie Hoops! check out beginner hoops from Hippie hoops, they have awesome hoops! Use the code ‘GraceGood’ and you can get 10% off any hoop! :)


<3 :)

Hello! Ive been following your youtube channel for some time now and cannot believe I found your tumblr! Hooping vibe, man <3 I'd like to ask where you bought your lyra from? Ive begun saving for one but haven't found a place in the states that I liked. Also, ill be seeing you at Wakaflakarusa ;)

from dotsauces

<3 <3 <3 I actually got lucky and found mine on ebay pretty cheap! but I was looking an ones on aerial empowerment before I found mine :)


can’t wait for waka!!!

I love your flow! You're such an inspiration! *__*

from a-laluna

thank you love <33

How long did it take to find your flow, do you ever feel,see, or experienced any type of negativity in the hoop community?? And also any tips for camera shyness!

from Anonymous

hmm I think within that first year of hooping a found a flow I was happy with, but it evolves so much with time!

I have experienced some negativity in the hoop community, but we are all humans so its going to happen! But for the most part the hoop community is very positive and most people are uplifting.

hmm tips for camera shyness id say record you’re entire practice , eventually you won’t be thinking about the camera after 10 mins! <3

I am unbelievably envious of some of the moves you throw down in your hoop flow. THEY LOOK SO FUN! I'm going to have to work on a couple. :) Keep up the amazing vibe for real. much love <3

from fucking-space

thank you love! You are amazing as well!! <3 <3 <3 <3

I have the biggest girl crush on you. Hoop vibes and good vibes all day. <3

from dewthatew

awwwhh <333 many hoop vibes to you too babe !! :D

if i could just leave my body for the night..

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