Who are your favorite fellow youtube hoopers that inspire you?

from Anonymous

hmm tina zoumer, bracken rivara, and ali padiak … but there are so many more!! <3

Weird question. What's your diet like? Like...what kind of foods do you enjoy? You have a great figure (Yes, I know hooping helps, lol)!

from dankykongjr

My diet could be better… haha I do enjoy eating out a lot, I’m not vegetarian or anything! i like meat ;) but I also like my fruits and veggies a lot.. and I avoid fast food!!! 

you deserved to be on the hoop troupe, I was really hoping you and isopuppy would have been on it! Are you going to audition next year?

from Anonymous

aww I really thought isopuppy would have made it too :/ but oh well, there is always next year, i will be auditioning :)

Wait hi if I end up at the forest I NEED to meet you. You're seriously one of my biggest hoop inspos ever and I hope you make the troupe because you're amazing and deserve it!!

from festievibes-deactivated20140711

thank you love! Im crossing my fingers about the hoop troupe, I would love to make it there!! and we can totally jam together if i do! <3 <3 :)

Hi, I have SO many questions for you, but I was looking at your Youtube, and I was wondering; when your biggest break-throughs with the hoop were, if any, and what inspired them?

from Anonymous

hmm I think one of my biggest break throughs was when i stopped trying to learn tricks, and getting frustrated and learned to just DANCE. for a few shows and festivals I wouldn’t bring my hoop, just so I can let loose and get weird with my own dance, which i then incorporated into my flow! I still love to drop my hoop at shows and just get weird! I think that was probably a huge break though with my hooping, then I just let the ‘tricks’ part come to me slowly :) <3

question about your atomic evoke.. so i am pretty set on the 5/8", but is the battery life really bad? wondering for fests n stuff since i am worried it won't last long, and there won't be many opportunities to charge it!

from albinoplant

The battery life is horrible actually :( Im actually really wanting to sell my evoke, and maybe get a mood hoop, or a helix again! the battery in the atomic literally last for two hours or less, it sucks when you’re at a festival :/ my helix used to last an entire festival weekend without needing to be charged! but If you don’t mind the battery life, the atomic is the lightest LED hoop i’ve ever played with, and the 5/8 tubing is pretty nice! but the battery life really isn’t worth it in my opinion. 


if i could just leave my body for the night..

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